I run a small jumper barn with 3-5 horses.  I have used Equistaff over the past 6 years to help me place a couple of employee’s.  I love the convenience and quality service provided by Laura and the rest of the crew at Equistaff. In addition to running my barn, I have a full-time job outside of the horses. The time demands of my day job generally mean I cannot dedicate significant amounts of my day to advertising, researching, and otherwise sorting through numerous applicants just to find a few qualified prospects.   Equistaff handles scouting, interviewing, and “vetting” for me.  Once Equistaff sends me a prospect, I am confident that the person has been reasonably screened to fit my job opening, and is a person of quality.  Generally, Equistaff will send to me more than one prospect for me to interview, AND within 2-3 days of my reaching out.  The rapidness of their ability to fill a position is a huge help to me. In addition to the speed and quality screening Equistaff offers, they also offer a warranty period if things don’t appear to be working out. While I have never had to call upon the warranty, I know that if there is a problem, everyone at  Equistaff will be on board to help make things right.  Finally, I have run a commercial real estate business for 33 years now; in the real estate business I have had numerous opportunities to work with employment agencies outside of the horse business –  Equistaff tops them all.   I am grateful to have Equistaff on my team, they make my life better.