When I began to consider relocating, I contacted Equistaff and within days, Katie produced some excellent opportunities. She was extremely helpful placing me with a fantastic company. I would highly recommend using this agency.

Sherri B.

In trying to add a team member in the current tight job market, I had exhausted all of my local word of mouth avenues and as I had used Equistaff in the past, I turned to them and made avail of their services. Not only did they find me several top candidates, my eventual hire, not only ticked off every requirement, but exceeded them in every way.

Scott Warner, Farm Owner

I run a small jumper barn with 3-5 horses.  I have used Equistaff over the past 6 years to help me place a couple of employee’s.  I love the convenience and quality service provided by Laura and the rest of the crew at Equistaff. In addition to running my barn, I have a full-time job outside of the horses. The time demands of my day job generally mean I cannot dedicate significant amounts of my day to advertising, researching, and otherwise sorting through numerous applicants just to find a few qualified prospects.   Equistaff handles scouting, interviewing, and “vetting” for me.  Once Equistaff sends me a prospect, I am confident that the person has been reasonably screened to fit my job opening, and is a person of quality.  Generally, Equistaff will send to me more than one prospect for me to interview, AND within 2-3 days of my reaching out.  The rapidness of their ability to fill a position is a huge help to me. In addition to the speed and quality screening Equistaff offers, they also offer a warranty period if things don’t appear to be working out. While I have never had to call upon the warranty, I know that if there is a problem, everyone at  Equistaff will be on board to help make things right.  Finally, I have run a commercial real estate business for 33 years now; in the real estate business I have had numerous opportunities to work with employment agencies outside of the horse business –  Equistaff tops them all.   I am grateful to have Equistaff on my team, they make my life better.

Doug Schreiber, Owner

My experience with Equistaff is “10 out of 10! Equistaff has been my go to for equine related job searches for the past few years. I can always count on quality positions available and I know Katie is an excellent recruiter.   My current was listed as a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and boy, was it!  Katie was such an excellent person to work with during the interview process. She clearly understood what the employer was looking for and at all times helped me to understand how I would best fit their needs. I really value and appreciate that, because sometimes a job match is beyond having a certain skill set. If you’re looking for a quality equine job opportunity – look no further than Equistaff. They will help you find the job on your dreams! Thank you so very much!

Jen Schubert

Equistaff was a great resource in helping fill our Head Trainer position. They provided several qualified candidates, allowing us to find the perfect trainer for our facility.

Mike Leverett, Marigold Stables

I have used Equistaff to help me on several occasions, for a variety of reasons.  I have never had a bad experience using Equistaff and will continue to use them in the future.  Equistaff personnel is very easy to get in touch with and always provide excellent updates on your needs.  The teams personal experience in the equine industry helps them place individuals where they will thrive.

Andrew Vanlangendonck, Thoroughbred industry professional

Working with Equi-staff was a great streamlined time saver for Parasight system and the hiring process. They listened to our needs finding the right candidate and connections within the Equine industry. Upon hiring Sherri Boland she has been a great asset to the Parasight team. She took on her position with enthusiasm and has since been promoted within the company. We would definitely recommend Equi-staff if you are looking to hire an equine professional.

Parasight System Inc, Animal Health Technology