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Recruiting Struggles?

Employers are finding it more difficult than ever to attract new employees, especially during the current cost of living crisis. There is more competition for snagging that perfect candidate and candidates’ expectations are different from past generations. Employers are going to have to stop and take stock of what they are offering and what changes they can make to be more attractive to fresh staff. We have some questions to ask yourself to help set you on the right path!

  • What changes can you make to be more appealing to the next generation of recruits?
  • How can you circumvent the issue of low wages? More on the job training? Schedule flexible hours? A compassionate work environment that focuses on mental health?
  • Are you offering positions with room for growth and opportunity?
  • Do you have realistic expectations for the position you’re offering?
  • Have you called EQUIstaff? EQUIstaff can lift the burden of your staffing woes by using our years of firsthand experience, on both sides of the fence, and our vast connections in the equestrian world to get you exactly where you want to be in the hiring process. Call today!

The employer landscape has changed drastically, and the changes will keep coming as new generations filter into the hiring pool. Make sure you’re keeping up with the competition and putting your outfit at the head of the pack with the new recruits!


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