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Working Student Positions: The Equestrian Trade School

As recruiters in the equine industry, we often get asked what the best way to prepare for a career in the horse world is and for us, the answer is exceptionally clear: Take that working student job!

The real-world experience gained from these opportunities is invaluable for those looking to devote their careers to the equine industry. They are an exceptional way to learn from seasoned professionals, world-class veterinary and farrier teams, and even travel the world! Much like a trade school, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of tasks and challenging real-world scenarios that would not likely present themselves in a classroom setting. You’ll be involved in the day-to-day care of the horses and their training, of course, but you’ll also be exposed to facility maintenance, improvement projects, health emergencies, and the highs and lows that come with any professional sporting career. You’ll be challenged day in and day out to learn and grow and adapt in ways you never thought possible – and it will feel GREAT! You’ll finish your year a handy and savvy individual ready to walk into any interview with confidence.

Depending on the program you choose, after 1-2 years you’ll have earned the experience needed to secure an FEI grooming role to the tune of a $50,000 salary and up! Working student jobs won’t always be fun or easy, but they are guaranteed to prepare you for a long-term career in the equine industry. 

Stay tuned for our next blog topic: What to look for when considering a working student opportunity!


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