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Beyond the Barn

Being in the center of the Horse Capital of the World opens our scope to every sector of the equine community, not only in Florida, but across the nation. From sprawling ranches in Colorado in need of construction crews to Equine Startups with marketing needs in New York, EQUIstaff has the connections needed to open your door to a wealth of new talent.

At EQUIstaff, our goal is to not only preserve, but also improve the industry we love by connecting the brightest talent with the highest quality opportunities. We strive to help passionate equestrians find lasting careers in the quine industry by sourcing opportunities that will highlight their unique talents and interests. We hope to make the Equine Industry a thriving market for both established professionals and aspiring candidates from all backgrounds. Passion ignites us and opportunity drives us: EQUIstaff is here to connect the two, both in and beyond the barn.


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