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Tips for Job Seekers

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There’s no more daunting adventure than the adventure of finding a new job or career. Whether it’s your first job, or you’re taking the big leap to a new career, it can be an overwhelming experience.  Unsure of your next step?  Fear not! EQUIstaff’s recruiters are here to rescue! 

First, before you even begin your search, make sure that you have a resume! Your resume is how you catch a potential employer’s eye, it plays a major role in landing that first interview. Some people think this doesn’t apply to certain positions in the equine industry, but if you really want to set yourself apart from the rest- make sure your resume shines a light on your talents. A major perk to utilizing a recruiter is that you receive professional resume advice. EQUIstaff’s recruiters know what employers are looking for and can help you craft the perfect resume.  

Ready to start your search? Along with listings on the open market such as EQUIstaff.com, you’re going to want to tap into the hidden market. What is that? Good old traditional networking! Networking still plays a major role in finding a position that helps you reach your career goals. Who is the best source for networking? A recruiter! Our recruiters have incredible relationships with multiple equine industry employers, locally and nationwide. These relationships help them put you in front of decision makers. And that is incredibly important.  

The benefits of working with an agency such as EQUIstaff is that you’ll have someone to help you find an amazing job that you wouldn’t have found on your own. Many of our positions haven’t made it to the open market yet. Do you want to gain experience in a new field, enhance your skills, or get your foot in the door of your dream barn or company? A good recruiter can connect you.  The key to all of this is to know your goals and be open with your recruiter.   

Call EQUIstaff and let one of our amazing recruiters help set you on the path to your best work life!  


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