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The equine industry is a profession of dedication, passion, and the desire to be where everything in life makes sense – the barn! So, why are equine industry employers struggling to find dependable employees in this post COVID landscape? We can discuss prospective employees wanting fair pay and better work conditions, which are all important, but what EQUIstaffPro wants to do is help YOU find and retain dedicated employees without all the frustration associated with the hiring process.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours and hours interviewing and vetting employees when where you really need to be is in the barn, on the track, or overseeing your current business. Utilizing the services of an equine staffing company can save you time, money, and connect you with hard-to-find candidates.  Ask us about our 30-day guarantee! However, the perks don’t end there, our owner and recruiters are a part of the equestrian community. They know exactly what you need based on years of experience and the connections. EQUIstaffPro has a network that includes talent nationwide and worldwide, not just in your local area.

Hiring is difficult, hiring is especially difficult when you’re doing it on your own in the current market. Consult with us to find out what you can do to make your job offering more desirable. More than ever before employees are looking for fair wages and a safe working environment. We want you to have the best talent to meet your needs and will help you form a plan to achieve these goals. Happy, productive employees help an employer reach the company’s goals, and that is what we specialize in! Don’t struggle to scrape together a staff that is just good enough, let us lift the hiring burden and help you find productive staff to achieve the results you desire.


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