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What Not to Say to Your Recruiter

You and the recruiter you are working with should be a team, this means putting those team player skills to work and collaborating with your recruiter is a positive and professional manner. Finding a new career can be tedious and stressful, but your recruiter wants to place you in a great position just as much as you want to be placed. Remembering this can make the experience more enjoyable for both you and your recruiter. Here are some tips on what NOT to say to your recruiter.

  1. “It is fine…. For now.”

 It is easy to become disheartened if it’s taking a while to find the perfect position for you. If you decide to take a less than perfect position, be positive about it and ask your recruiter about the possibility of getting a different position later without burning bridges. Be honest and make sure there are no surprises for anyone. Your recruiter must be confident in your honesty, and they may be able to negotiate a successful outcome for you.

  • “My last job was awful, and I hated my coworkers.”

Maybe it is true…. But do not say it! Being a team player is high on the desirability rating when it comes to being a dream candidate. Speaking negatively about your coworkers and boss shows a lack of professionalism and an inability to work with difficult people. Complaints such as the position not affording your growth or igniting your career passion are beneficial to the recruiter finding you a great new position. Becky being a gossip is not.

  • “Are you even trying to find me a good position?”

Treat your recruiter like they are the big interview because they are! If you are rude or difficult to work with, they are not going to feel comfortable putting you in front of their client. They may even warn their client against hiring you because of your unprofessionalism. Believe me, they want to place you as much as you want to be placed, but they also want it to be the best possible placement for everyone involved. Your relationship with your recruiter is not a bridge you want to burn; you never know when you may need their help again.

  • “I really need this job because….”

It is part of the recruiter’s job to get to know you so they can pick the best course of action placing you in a great position. Your recruiter will be personable and friendly, this is part of their job, but that does not mean that they need to know every detail of your life, especially if it does not pertain to your ability to do your job. It is important to maintain a professional relationship with your recruiter. If there is something in your life that may affect your ability to show up on time or be focused, let them know. Take the less is more approach and everyone will feel more comfortable with the recruitment process.

  • “I know our interview is in an hour, but can I reschedule?”

You are human. Things happen. Your recruiter understands that, but no matter how understanding your recruiter is, this is not the best first step forward. Showing up to your appointments prepared and on time is the first indication of how your attendance will go where they place you. They want you to be happy in your position, but they also have a client that needs to be satisfied and they are looking for the best possible talent to place there. An inconsistent candidate is not someone they will want to risk championing.


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